5 Reasons Why Group Leaders Should Use A Travel Advisor

1) I save you time and stress

I work tirelessly for my clients and I have the capability to handle all of the logistics involved with your travel plans. This includes arranging excursions to locating the best accommodations that meet your needs. In the end, you spend less time worrying about the trip so you can actually enjoy your travel with everyone else in the group.

2) I can save you moolah

As an experienced Travel Advisor with an event coordination background, I am no stranger to negotiation. My goal to find clients the best rates (and discounts) whenever possible. When possible negotiation can lead to a price reduction or componentry upgrades.

3) I am an expert

Not only do I have 10 years of experience in the tourism/hospitality industry but I also have a Masters in Tourism Management. Both my educational and working experience in tourism gives me a competitive edge.

4) I am your ultimate advocate

Clients come first and I take pride and care with planning every trip as if I were planning it for myself. I am committed to your happiness, comfort, and safety while your group travels, and if issues arise I’m here to work on there on your behalf.

5) I enjoy designing itineraries

I have a genuine passion for travel and helping others experience the world. I LOVE what I do and my goal is to customize your group's ideal itinerary leaving you all with happy memories for a lifetime.

About the Author

Sydney Starr Jackson-Clockston is more than your average independent travel agent. Sydney is an Adventurer and Experience Consultant in Sustainability. Her goal is to work with you to achieve your travel goals and do so with mindfulness and consideration for the planet. 

If you have a love for travel and you are interested in starting your own travel business feel free to contact me for more information.


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